About Us

Gemsone continues to top the charts out of 4,000 vendors*

Our programs are designed to fill your stores with customers, some of our programs include: Annual Counter Jewelry Guide, Bridal Bells Brochure, Black Friday Program, Holiday Direct Mail Progrograms, Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign, Targeted eMail Campaigns, TV ads. Affordable e-commerce website built for your store that will but you on the fast lane of the Internet highway.

With offices and factories in the United States, India, Hong Kong, Shenzen, and Thailand, Gemsone can offer a variety of designs and products.

Some of the many benefits that Gemsone provides our customers are:

    • Beautifully designed 14K rings and pendants, which are fast moving, proven market favorites.
    • Large selection of diamond and diamond and color bracelets.
    • Large color stone portfolio, which successfully adds exclusive color designs to our jewelry.
    • Regularly updated designs with new concepts and market trends.
    • Special orders make us your one stop source, where we can fulfill every need with accuracy and timely delivery.
    • A strong no compromise attitude when it comes to our products and service.
    • Every item is checked using stringent quality controls.
    • Numerous catalogs to provide value added services to our retail clients.
    • Attractive point-of-sale displays provided to aid in the sale of our products
    • With over 1200 retail clients we are universally classified as preferred vendors.
    • We go the extra mile to provide unmatched service.

    *Edge Retail Academy based on client sales of over 100,000 products sourced.

We can design your ecommerce website