How We Work

How We Work

The world is full of jewelry manufacturers who can make stuff. The list of manufacturers gets smaller when you add the requirement that the “stuff” needs to be in the right quality, at a globally competitive price. The list gets even smaller if you insist that the quality needs to be consistent, and the item needs to be shelf-stocked so that when it’s sold, it can be reordered and put back into stock immediately. And the list of jewelry manufacturers gets really, really small when you add the requirement that the “stuff” has to be on trend, and supported by a host of advertising materials that will allow you to broadcast a message that you’ve got the “right stuff”, at the right price, so you can dominate your local market.

Welcome to Gems One. Yes, we manufacture jewelry, in the right quality, at the right price. And yes, we shelf stock it, so if you can sell it quickly and repeatedly, we can resupply you as needed. Even better, we’ve got the “right stuff”, as evident when you consider that in the eleven hundred Independent Jewelry stores whose sales are tracked by the Edge Retail Academy, we have consistently supplied 9 to 13 of the top 15 selling items in December, for each of the past 8 years. So yes, when it comes to Basics, as well as Trends, we’ve got you covered. And with innovative products like specialty cut diamonds, we can even help you expand your market share while simultaneously increasing your margins.

But Gems One offers so very much more than just the “right stuff”. Let’s start with the fact that we have a wholly-owned advertising agency that’s dedicated to providing our customers with an amazing array of support materials, from traditional elements like print, video and outdoor, to digital and social media across all platforms. Or consider the fact that we build websites for our customers, everything from big full spectrum sites designed to effectively communicate your Unique Selling proposition, to mini-sites that are designed to do one thing only: Sell Jewelry Online! And with a wide range of Events, like Manufacturer’s Liquidation Sale and the Multi-Million Dollar Diamond Weekend, or Campaigns like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we can enliven your retail calendar and fill your store with customers, and your bank account with cash.

Focused on Bridal? We've got a global customization program that will save you time and money while providing the customer experience that she’s always dreamed of (and will tell all of her friends about). Speaking of Bridal, we have ways of helping you start a dialogue with pre-bridal millennials that will provide the increase in engagement ring at-bats you need to hit more home runs. And if you’re ready for some really high-tech innovations, we can even help you track every single consumer in your market who visits websites like Blue Nile,, and even your fiercest local competitor’s website, intercepting them before they make their diamond purchase, so you can make the sale instead. And yes…it’s totally legal.

All of this may sound pretty complicated, and yes, you may need some time to get your head wrapped around the many things that we do. But to understand Gems One, all you need to know is this: Our Mission is to help Independent Jewelers succeed, and in order to accomplish this, we have to do more than make great jewelry. We have to create business solutions that can meaningfully impact our customers’ businesses, which in turn can have a pretty good impact on their lives. Yes, life would be much simpler if we just made jewelry, but then, we couldn’t actually provide the kind of help we provide to our customers.

We’re Gems One: Dedicated to the Success of the American Independent Jeweler.